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On October 10, 2019, Dr. MarQuelle Merriweather decided to create an organization for women who have like minds, like desires and hearts of gold. Her focus in creating the organization was to be a figure in the community, whose goal is to empower and uplift the elderly and the homeless and assist them in overcoming their challenges. In this process, she sought to connect with women whose heart allows them to put others first and help others, no matter their situation or circumstance.


With this in mind, she designed a sisterhood promoting community outreach, personal empowerment, higher education and professional elevation. She also formed her sisterhood for women to collaborate and share their life’s experiences, professional gains and any concerns as they band together for their common goals. Delta Iota Delta Sorority, Incorporated was created with all of these things in mind; and as a result, the HISTORY that formed HerStory has begun.

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