Hazing will not occur in any chapter of Delta Iota Delta Sorority, Inc. Hazing is not a part of our brand or represents the core principals of our organization.  Every soror of Delta Iota Delta Sorority, Inc. must earn the respect of her fellow sisters. Hazing does not build respect, it builds fear. 


Hazing is defined as any unreasonable requirement of activity of new members and/or members based on the below policy. 


  • brings about physical, mental, emotional or psychological harm to the potential member or is humiliating in its intent;

  • is vulgar, abusive, physically exhausting or dangerous;

  • materially disrupts an individual’s academic, professional, and personal endeavors;

  • abridges a person’s moral, religious or dietary beliefs;

  • compels an individual to break the rules and regulations set by headquarters of Delta Iota Delta Sorority, Incorporated or other entities; or

  • is defined as hazing under applicable laws.


Members of the Sorority who become aware of hazing activities have a responsibility to report the activity to the Chapter President and Regional Director, as applicable, for further investigation. If these policies are not strictly followed it can result in fining of individual members of the chapter and/or suspension of the chapter as well as subject to persecution to the fullest extent of the law.

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