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Rosette's Executive Leadership Team

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Whitney Sommerville   Rosette's Youth Advisor


Domoneque Daughtry 

Rosette's  Youth Advisor

Rosette's Youth Advisor: Whitney Sommerville - Bio

Whitney Somerville was born and raised in Annapolis, MD. She grew up in a large family of 3 brothers and 2 sisters. Being the oldest girl, she quickly took on that nurturing mother role. She also seeks God in understanding her spiritual gifts. Throughout her high school and college career Whitney studied and taught the youth in Vacation Bible school, Sunday School, and Liturgical dance. Originating from the “Phenomenal Empress” Line with Delta Iota Delta Sorority, Inc., she crossed the Red Sands into Delta Iota Delta Land in Spring of 2023 and is now known as Tru Essence #14. Soror YA Whitney is honored to serve as one of the Youth Advisor for the Rosettes Division of Delta Iota Delta Sorority, Incorporated. She crossed ready to work, she did not hesitate to do what was asked of her or make suggestions to better the organization. When it comes to the Rosette Division, she has a clear vision of what it means to be committed, humble and transparent.


Soror YA Whitney obtained her MBA with an undergrad in Business Administration and Human Resource Management from University of Maryland. She quickly realized that she wanted to go into the field of childcare. She is currently using that experience to coach the Rosettes through important decisions, using their cumulative experiences and knowledge to offer strategic guidance. Soror YA does a great job at meeting the youth where they are and breaking barriers between herself, the youth, and their parents/guardian to find common ground.

Soror YA Whitney is a true kid at heart. She has no problem running around with the youth and getting dirty as long as they are smiling and safe. She is a driving force when it comes to promoting and growing the Rosette Division. With a commitment to collaborate and effectively communicate, she strives to make a meaningful impact in shaping a sustainable future in the youth “because they DO NOT need permission to be GREAT!”

 Rosette's Youth Advisor: Domoneque Daughtry - Bio

Domoneque Daughtry resides in Hampton, VA. She is a wife and a mother to two kids. She also has two handsome grandsons, who she absolutely adores. 


She attended Rasmussen College where she obtained her Associates of Science Degree in Early Childhood Education and has worked in the education field for almost 18yrs. Along with this degree, she also has experience in Child Behavioral and Mental Health.  She has worked for the Head Start Program in Virginia and in the VA Public Schools system. She receives joy out of having the gift and ability to educate & nurture the youth. She takes very seriously the impact that she has on the individuals she has come in contact with. 


YA Domoneque is excited to be able to be a part of the Youth Advisor Team with Delta Iota Delta Sorority, Inc. She is excited about the journey and the task presented to her and the other Youth Advisor’s. Together, they are focused on the significant impact they hold in each individual child’s life we encounter. 


She places pride in the Rosette’s Motto: “We do NOT need PERMISSION to be GREAT, and DON’T!”

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