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National Special Teams

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Minister Lawanda Cooke

National Chaplain

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Soror Marlo Boyd

National Recruitment Manager 

National Chaplin: Minister LaWanda B. Cooke - Bio

Soror LaWanda B. Cooke LaWanda B. Cooke is a devoted and compassionate minister who brings a depth of knowledge and a keen sense of empathy to her position. She has grown to be an indispensable member of our ministry at New Zion Christian Church with a calling founded in her lifelong dedication to assisting people during their most trying times. Her sincere desire to help people led her on the path to becoming a minister. She obtained her License and Ordination from New Zion Christian Ministries in 2012, demonstrating a steadfast dedication to comprehending the many spiritual and emotional needs of those she would later help. Her journey has given her the chance to work with outstanding leaders in Georgia, Michigan, and the Chicago metropolitan area. Having the opportunity to work with people from many walks of life, Minister LaWanda has helped those in need by offering support, direction, and a listening ear.

LaWanda has impacted many people's lives as a minister by simply being there. She has provided spiritual comfort and emotional support to people and families going through difficult times while working in hospitals, prisons, and nursing homes. LaWanda is a dependable confidante and a source of courage in difficult circumstances because of her exceptional capacity to relate to people from various religious traditions and social backgrounds. Her dedication to encouraging understanding and universal fairness has not only improved the lives of people she has directly impacted but has also helped create a more peaceful and compassionate community. LaWanda B. Cooke's career as a pastor has been characterized by her unwavering commitment to improving the world one soul at a time throughout her career as a minister.

National Recruitment Manager: Soror Marlo Boyd - Bio

Soror Marlo Boyd, aka #16 " So Graceful", is a married mother of three daughter's and two grandsons. She joined Delta Iota Delta Sorority in March 2023. Immediately upon joining she began her climb, showing her intent and her desire to be purposeful and intentional in the Organization. In her first role, she served as the Chapter Secretary for Zeta Kappa Phi Chapter and the "Phenomenal Empress" line. 

Marlo was born in Springfield, Massachusetts, but raised in Jacksonville, Florida. Marlo is the youngest of five siblings. She has over 17 years' experience as a Senior Underwriter, over 10 years' experience as a Senior Banker. She has her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and is working towards her Master’s in Business Management. Although she paused her education to care for her mother who later passed from Breast Cancer, she has plans to continue this journey. 

No matter her capacity or position, she always had a passion to help people and her belief is to always treat people the way you want to be treated. Marlo is working in the Medical Field in the Outreach Welcome Department for Amerihealth Caritas. Marlo has over 30 years' experience in Business and Customer Service.

Marlo is a Notary, has her License for Life, Health and Annuities as an Insurance Agent which was one of her Businesses and have had other businesses on the side in the past. She loves volunteering, decorating, working out, reading, bowling, fashion, traveling, dancing, listening to all types of music, with Jazz being her favorite. Her greatest joy is spending time with family. Marlo was brought up in church and raised her children in church. Because of this foundation, she continues to put God first in everything she does. Her favorite scripture is "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" (Phillipians 4:13). She will demonstrate that as a Soror and as a Leader in the Sorority.

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