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Executive Leadership Team

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Jamie Daughtry


Chief Business Officer: Jamie Daughtry - Bio

Jamie Daughtry born and raised in Dayton Ohio. She grew up with her mom, 2 sisters and brother. Her Aunt Betty, who is a pastor, was a big part of her life and helped her understand her spiritual gifts. Mrs. Daughtry is a devoted wife and mother of two wonderful children her son is 21 and daughter 19. Over the last 8 plus years, Mrs. Daughtry has been present in her community by commuting to support the youth, along with various other projects like Toys for Tots, Food Drives, Feeding the Less fortunate and so much more.


Jamie enjoys family time and building others she loves up as well as getting them the knowledge and understanding to become the best version of themselves. She fully understands that people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. She leads with love, understanding and trust with the understanding that we have to inspire others. When you get to know Mrs. Daughtry, you will love how her spirit sits with you, the encouraging moments she applies to your life, and her willingness to give you the shirt off her back make her you love her heart. While being an advocate for her community she has built skills in Customer service, Public Speaking, Power point etc.


Mrs. Daughtry attended Ohio state university and received a Bachelor Degree in Business Management, which comes in handy since she wears many hats. Leadership is no stranger to her in her current opportunity as she is a manager and teaches others how to be better. She wants nothing but the best for those around her, she was born to lead. 


Her line name Soul Searcher is a very befitting name as she does just that.


Gelena 'Toy' Jones 

HR Director

HR Director: Gelena 'Toy' Jones - Bio

Soror Gelena 'Toy' Jones is a native of Miami, FL and joined Delta Iota Delta Sorority, Inc. as a Sensational Queen. From the moment she joined, she has been steadfast in her desire to assist wherever needed. In this time, she rose to the 'untitled' position of 'Sargent at Arms' for the Founder and served on various committees to assist in the growth of the Sorority. 

She has served diligently in Christ since childhood. She is also the primary caregiver of her mother Ms. Mary Broomfield, who suffers from Dementia. 

Soror Toy is diligent and steadfast in identifying processes and procedures that are needed to better assist the sisters of Delta Iota Delta Sorority, Inc. She has worked tirelessly in assisting with creating a simplified Human Resources document that tracks and manages all areas of the Sorority, past and present. 

In her role as Human Resources Director, she is accountable to overseeing the Sorority app, managing the day-to-day Human Resources processes and procedures, delivering counseling and assisting with identifying new processes that will allow leaders to be better equipped with handling issues throughout the Sorority. 

She is known by "4Ever Le'G'end" in Delta Iota Delta land and will be a great resource to all of her sisters. 

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