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Our Founder & CEO

MarQuelle Renee Merriweather

MarQuelle Renee Merriweather was born in Cleveland Ohio and raised in Valdosta, Georgia. At an early age, I knew that I could not do anything without first acknowledging I needed to trust the leadership, wisdom and assistance of GOD and not my own. 

As I crossed several roads of pain and sorrow, I remained faithful of the promises that God has over our lives. I've learn to submit to the will of God and to remain faithful and humble throughout all that He places before me. It is because of this that He trusted me with the birth of this organization. 

My desire for starting Delta Iota Delta Sorority, Incorporated is to help empower and elevate women, regardless of race, socio-economic status and education. I want to assist them in obtaining healing, physically, mentally and spiritually. I believe that offering a sisterhood, without barriers; will assist in the healing process for women who have gone through negative experiences. 

Hand in hand, arm in arm, sister to sister, we will form a bond. Our mantra is that we will be a sisterhood as strong as a fence. Each link in the chain is as strong as the next and as long as we stick together, our bond will not be broken. We know that because of our differences, we can and we will disagree respectively, but our commitment is to elevate above our differences and love each other with our whole hearts.


In conclusion, as the Founder of Delta Iota Delta, Sorority Incorporated, I wish the best for all of the ladies of the Sorority and for those seeking a home of Sisterhood! Remember, "how high you aim, how much you see, how far you reach depends on you"!

Founder and Chief Executive Officer,
Dr. MarQuelle Merriweather

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