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Welcome to

Delta Iota Delta Sorority, Inc.

We are a Service Sorority built on Christian principles that consists of diverse and unique women, yet all their actions are guided by our core values of: Service, Philanthropy, and Excellence.

We operate in PURPOSE, not POWER!

Like links on a chain, we are committed to the following Founding Principles:


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Empowering our Communities and our Sorors through Service 


Philanthropic Initiatives

Our sorority is dedicated to initiating and participating in philanthropic projects that make a positive impact on our community. Our desire to give back is above reproach and is the core of who we are!

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Leadership Development

We provide opportunities for personal and professional growth, nurturing leadership skills among our members. We offer our Sorors the opportunity to start a business and we work hand in hand to teach them how to be successful entrepreneurs. 


Community Engagement

Engaging with the community through various service projects and events, fostering a spirit of unity and support. We work with the elderly, the homeless and our youth to serve them and empower them to elevate!



Embracing Diversity and Unity while working together to build our communities! 

On October 10, 2019, Dr. MarQuelle Merriweather decided to create an organization for women who have like minds, like desires and hearts of gold. Her focus in creating the organization was to be a figure in the community, whose goal is to empower and uplift the elderly and the homeless and assist them in overcoming their challenges. In this process, she sought to connect with women whose heart allows them to put others first and help others, no matter their situation or circumstance.


With this in mind, she designed a sisterhood promoting community outreach, personal empowerment, higher education and professional elevation. She also formed her sisterhood for women to collaborate and share their life’s experiences, professional gains and any concerns as they band together for their common goals. Delta Iota Delta Sorority, Incorporated was created with all of these things in mind; and as a result, the HISTORY that formed HerStory has begun.


At Delta Iota Delta, our aim is to be wise beyond our years. We hold true that each of us are as important as the next. Our Sorority mascot is the Peacock, and it symbolizes Vision, Royalty, Spiritual Awakening, Guidance, Protection and Watchfulness.

As we navigate the blueprint that God has given us as a Sorority, we are always reminded of not only our WHY but we reflect on WHO we are and WHAT we represent. As a Sorority, we have four objects that define who we are and why we do what we do. They are:



At Delta Iota Delta, our ladies are rooted in the Principle of Love. As such, the Red Rose was selected as Sorority Flower.  The Red Rose conveys deep expressions of love, admiration and devotion. 


At Delta Iota Delta, we celebrate diversity and unity, creating a supportive environment where every member's voice is heard. We work to build a community of elegant women who understand their purpose. While in action, we cover ourselves with the Sorority Jewelry - the Pearl! Pearls - Represent loyalty, integrity, rarity and transparency.

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At Delta Iota Delta, we believe that God is the author of our actions and commitment. At inception, God gave our Founder this Bible Verse to use as she created the blueprint of Delta Iota Delta Sorority, Inc.: “Habakkuk 2:2” And the Lord answered me and said, Write the vision and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.



“Joining Delta Iota Delta was the best decision I ever made. The sense of sisterhood and the opportunity to serve the community has been life-changing.”

Amanda Thompson
Delta Iota Delta Member

Our Leaders



FOUNDER: Dr. MarQuelle Merriweather

Founder, Dr. MarQuelle Merriweather, was born in Cleveland, OH and raised in Valdosta, GA. Her desire for starting Delta Iota Delta Sorority, Incorporated is to help empower and elevate women, regardless of race, socioeconomic status and education. She wanted to assist them in obtaining personal healing and to collaborate in the efforts to better our communities through philanthropy and community outreach.


In this journey, it is her desire to build communities and strengthen bonds between women who want to empower others, as well as themselves.

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Chief Business Officer: (CBO) Jamie Daughtry - Bio

Jamie Daughtry born and raised in Dayton Ohio. She grew up with her mom, 2 sisters and brother. Her Aunt Betty, who is a pastor, was a big part of her life and helped her understand her spiritual gifts. Mrs. Daughtry is a devoted wife and mother of two wonderful children her son is 21 and daughter 19. Over the last 8 plus years, Mrs. Daughtry has been present in her community by commuting to support the youth, along with various other projects like Toys for Tots, Food Drives, Feeding the Less fortunate and so much more.


Jamie enjoys family time and building others she loves up as well as getting them the knowledge and understanding to become the best version of themselves. She fully understands that people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. She leads with love, understanding and trust with the understanding that we have to inspire others. When you get to know Mrs. Daughtry, you will love how her spirit sits with you, the encouraging moments she applies to your life, and her willingness to give you the shirt off her back make her you love her heart. While being an advocate for her community she has built skills in Customer service, Public Speaking, Power point etc.


Mrs. Daughtry attended Ohio state university and received a Bachelor Degree in Business Management, which comes in handy since she wears many hats. Leadership is no stranger to her in her current opportunity as she is a manager and teaches others how to be better. She wants nothing but the best for those around her, she was born to lead. 


Her line name Soul Searcher is a very befitting name as she does just that.

National Chaplain: Minister LaWanda B. Cooke - Bio

Soror LaWanda B. Cooke LaWanda B. Cooke is a devoted and compassionate minister who brings a depth of knowledge and a keen sense of empathy to her position. She has grown to be an indispensable member of our ministry at New Zion Christian Church with a calling founded in her lifelong dedication to assisting people during their most trying times. Her sincere desire to help people led her on the path to becoming a minister. She obtained her License and Ordination from New Zion Christian Ministries in 2012, demonstrating a steadfast dedication to comprehending the many spiritual and emotional needs of those she would later help. Her journey has given her the chance to work with outstanding leaders in Georgia, Michigan, and the Chicago metropolitan area. Having the opportunity to work with people from many walks of life, Minister LaWanda has helped those in need by offering support, direction, and a listening ear.

LaWanda has impacted many people's lives as a minister by simply being there. She has provided spiritual comfort and emotional support to people and families going through difficult times while working in hospitals, prisons, and nursing homes. LaWanda is a dependable confidante and a source of courage in difficult circumstances because of her exceptional capacity to relate to people from various religious traditions and social backgrounds. Her dedication to encouraging understanding and universal fairness has not only improved the lives of people she has directly impacted but has also helped create a more peaceful and compassionate community. LaWanda B. Cooke's career as a pastor has been characterized by her unwavering commitment to improving the world one soul at a time throughout her career as a minister.

National Vice President: (NVP) LaKendra Brown - Bio

Soror NVP Lakendra C Brown was raised in the District of Columbia. She is the mother of five children with a grandson on the way. Ms. Brown has been in her community for many years working with head-start, volunteering at the local schools and with the local organizations. Later on, after receiving her Bachelor's degree in Special education and a Minor in behavior from Liberty University, Kendra started a Nonprofit called People of Change (POC). She births that Nonprofit due to growing up in rough areas and being a teen mom.  She felt that with a Nonprofit she could bring knowledge to the community with the skills and education she received from getting her Masters's Degree in School Counseling and Mental health. With all these journeys and goals, she still found time to bond and do what she says is God’s work moving about the communities, churches, schools, and nursing homes. 


Soror NVP, is an author of two children works and works as a school counselor for the Public School District. In her downtime, she enjoys being a mom to her children, reading, listening to music, and working toward her faith in Christ. 


In July 2022 Ms. Brown became a Delta Iota Delta lady where she was able to bridge the gap of wanting a sisterhood, love, and bond. Since being a D.I.D. Lady Lakendra has shown up in her communities more across the states, she creates bonding moments for the local ladies that are near her and she stays ready to meet a new sister. Her favorite Quote “With Christ she can do anything “



Let’s Connect and Make a Difference

Gainesville, FL (Headquarters)
Tel: 352-318-1244

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